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“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein


    1. There are three essential things that you should know about iEdApps MeToDo™ that can support your decision to support our brand.
    2. It’s a woman-owned business: Shanda and her husband, Derrick Sr., are the founders and innovators of the iEdApps MeToDo™ brand. The brand is built around their desire for unity, better communication, and more education.
    3. It’s an education-focused brand with a commitment to education equality: MeToDo™ consistently works to build modern, innovative, and agile learning tools and programs for children within an antiquated educational system. The iEdApps MeToDo™ brand works every day to make better assessment tools that can find learning gaps and challenges as well as ways to fix these problems.
    4. It’s a new brand addressing an old problem: education is a universal tool that can unlock wonders and opportunities for all kids. However, for so long, the educational system has relied on the same methods to teach children. The world is changing, and we’re approaching a new digital era. It’s time to address some educational techniques to properly and swiftly bring our kids into the future and meet them where they are.

    A bonus element you should know about our brand is the use of the word metodo. Metodo is Spanish for “method.” Our unique assessment and strengthening method is at the core of our commitment to increasing a child’s educational power and potential.


What happens when the educational system, especially for children within underserved populations, is 100 years behind? More importantly, how do you create effective tools, resources and opportunities to underserved populations, where funds are limited, communities are distressed and public-school systems are underperforming?

First, we must understand the dire needs of the population. Then, we must build something that addresses and alleviates their pains, while recovering for lost time & opportunities.

That’s how iEdApps MeToDo™ was built. We are developing a diagnostic GAP analysis and educational development assessment tool with supplemental digital learning programs that address the educational gaps, particularly in underserved populations. While we are very much an education-focused business, we are additionally, an organization that believes in social equality via access to quality education.

All students aren’t created equally. They learn, absorb, and retain information differently. That’s why it’s critical to have diverse learning techniques and tools if we want to level the playing field and give every child, regardless of demographic background, access to the things that a better educational experience can provide them.  

Education isn’t simple. But increased educational performance can be supported with iEdApps like MeToDo.

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