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The “Student Center” will be a paradise for students, parents, and grandparents worldwide. It will be a central meeting space where all nationalities, cultures, socioeconomic and sexual orientations can communicate effectively; learn for one another and appreciate the value of diversity.

We will try to help younger individuals avoid costly missteps and wasted time going through life lessons that others have experienced. Even our parents said, “Experience is the best teacher.”  The site will be a collaboration of students, parents, professors, administrators, educators, and a host of others to help create solutions to make a better world. 

This community will cater to the needs of all individuals. We are here to address the educational and developmental needs of students. This online-global community of both qualified and certified teachers will challenge the way your child thinks and express themselves to become a community leader.  We will offer tools needed to become successful, self-sufficient, and less reliant on others through education to reduce your child’s risk of poverty. We will be offering a helping hand and insight into new possibilities. We want parents to know that we have their child’s best interest in mind.

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This site will help remove technology struggle for parents in trying to keep up with all the new methods and technological changes that are happening in education. We will be their new support system, whether it is in homeschooling, after school, or homework. iEdapts will even have professional content available to help address social issues that may arise or cause concern by offering self-help suggestions. Let us be the first place you “search it, view it, do it” information support.


It has become even more advantageous to have grandparents involved, especially for a single mom needing help or dual parents who both work and need support to try and maintain a stable family environment.  It is now more evident in the field of education where grandparents represent two-thirds of the individuals helping to raise their children’s children.   Our blog sections will have specials features for grandparents. We will offer them real, simple techniques they can provide to their grandchild while they are in their presence. We even show and teach them how to operate the latest in technology. We are here to provide help to you.